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Individualized assessment in minutes through adaptive testing.

Adapta helps teachers and students personalize education through adaptive assessments with immediate feedback and diagnostic reports.

See what Adapta can do for your classroom.

"Adapta 10/10 helped me personalize education. I used the data and reports I got from the platform to help me with my one-on-one interventions with students. These showed exactly where my students were excelling and where they were struggling. We used that data to diagnose the student's needs, make a game plan for them to learn the material, and we didn't waste any time in the process."

-Sarah C

AP Stats Teacher

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Adapta was created to provide clarity, insights, and direction to educators and learners (in order to improve learning) by enabling data-driven instruction, proactive engagement, and personalized learning.

Dr. Alison Cheng - Founder


The Adapta Team

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To schedule a live consultation and learn how Adapta can help you personalize the secondary math experience for students and educators, please contact us below:

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